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Box Calls

This box call is handcrafted from a single block of wood and tuned to the tone of a hen turkey’s yelp, cluck, put, and purr. One side of the box produces the traditional high pitch, and the other side creates a more raspy quality, such as that of an old hen or gobbler. The different wood types available for the box call body are listed below.
All calls are signed and dated.

Honduras Mahogany

Dark brown in color. Produces a medium-high-pitch call with a little rasp. An excellent wood.


Light buff in color. Produces a medium rasp and medium-high pitch.


A dark red color. Produces a high-to-medium-pitched call with a clear tone. Excellent call quality with a little rasp.

Yellow Poplar

Color varies from light green to yellow. Produces a medium to high-medium tone with a little rasp.

Lavender Mountain Custom Game Calls are hand turned, signed, and dated.

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